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For sale we have a very good, lacquered brass leather cased aneroid pocket barometer, compass and thermometer compendium from the late 1800s. Used by those undertaking adventure, exploration or scientific endeavours in from the late 1800s - the early 1900s. With the ability to tell the weather, altitude, tempreture, and your direction, you could confidently navigate unknown territories. A simple, yet complex compendium, packed full of functions. Everything the victorian explorer may desire.


The Pocket barometer, with a 47mm silvered and engraved dial, a rotating bezel driven altitude ring calibrated in feet with a range from 0 to 10,000ft, divided to 100ft, the inner barometric scale calibrated in inches of mercury with a range from 21” to 31”. The upper part with concentrically placed standard meteorological terms, with the signing “Compensated” below. Thermally blued steel pointer with perfect bevelled glass. Extension post and suspension ring.


The compass mounted to the centre of the verso, the disc with lever lock to the side. The disc has a wonderful pearl finish with Ying Yang colour pattern. The thermometer of circular construction and mounted to an engraved and silvered register calibrated in Centigrade and Fahrenheit with a range from 0 to 50 and 0 to 120 respectively.  Compensation port. All contained within a ribbed drum lacquered brass case with engine turned finish to barometer. Extension post and suspension ring.


The whole contained within twin lidded leather over timber, green silk and velvet lined travel case. Snap closures on button releases.



Completely original. All aspects are functioning. It has not undergone mechanical overhaul or accurate testing.


Barometer - The Barometer functions. The dial in excellent condition. The bezel and associated altitude ring operates smoothly.


Compass - Swings freely, easily finding north. The card remains crisp and clean with only minor signs of ageing. The compass lock works perfectly.


Thermometer - Unbroken strand, indicating well.


Brass casing – Very good with excellent finish and no marking.


Travel Case – Good condition original finish, some very minor wear and slight discolouration at points. The interior fabrics vibrant.


Leather case dimensions:

Length: 7.5cm

Width: 6.5cm

Depth: 4.25cm


Barometer dimensions:

Width: 51mm

Length: 51mm

Depth: 28mm

Total length with loop; 72mm

Victorian 1890s Leather cased brass aneroid Pocket Barometer Compass thermometer

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