We buy, sell and advise on vintage watches. We aim to be a one stop shop if you are looking to sell your watch directly, or if you would like to get a cracking new time piece on your wrist! We are also more than happy to undertake research, or help point you in the right direction to find out more about vintage watches.

Bold Timepieces aim to educate people from all walk’s of life on the beauty of vintage watches, and highlight the joy of mechanical watch movements, as well as the micro engineering that underpins them.

As a vintage aesthetic becomes more widespread, the growth and interest in the vintage watch market has increased. After being involved in this world and going deep down the rabbit hole for 4 years now, I feel that I can provide a great platform for people to sell watches and buy watches with confidence. Engaging content will also aim to explain more about the world of watches, vintage in particular.

Endless reading, research, watch purchasing, watch selling, networking, travelling, late nights. These are the factors that enable Bold Timepieces to become a great source of information and high quality watches.


Bill Penaluna
Manager & Founder of Bold Timepieces