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Swiss made Art Deco Guilloche Enamel desk clock, silver or silver plated capping and surround. Circa 1930.


If you love Art Deco and you love beautiful items, look no further than this sensational Guilloche enamel desk clock. I highly doubt that I will come across another desk clock of such beautiful design. The light Blue guilloche enamel is in perfect condition and when the light hits it, the effect is truly mesmerising. 


This desk clock has survived 90 years and In the correct ownership, this clock will sit proudly on any desk, bringing to peoples faces for many more years.


The dial is enamel and is in perfect condition with no cracks, chips or hairline
The hour and minute track has no wear, as does the sub-second dial and the
The hands are un-bent and un-corroded. They are thermally blued hands.
The sub-second hand is thermally blued.
All hands would appear to be original.
The glass is original and in good condition
The case is in good condition. The enamel is unblemished which is the best aspect.
The silver capping is lightly tarnished.
Case back:
The wood is in good condition and is still varnished with little discolouration. 
The window for adjustment opens. The hands adjust well and the clock winds well.
The movement is manual wind and works constantly for roughly 30 hours. It is not an 8 day clock so must be wound every day. 
It keeps time to within 3 minutes a day

Case dimensions:

Width: 66.5mm
Length: 65mm
Case Depth: 17mm
Dial diameter: 39.5mm

Swiss made Art Deco Guilloche Enamel desk clock, silver capping and surround

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