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A Very Rare and original 1946 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometre Ref 3372, 9 3/4″’ Hunter serviced movement.

The watch has been recently serviced and is keeping time to within +10 second a day.


Cased in many metals and fitted with numerous dials, Rolex ‘Bubble Back’ watches were in production for over 22 years, from the early 1930s to the mid 1950s. For many years the ‘Bubble Back’ wristwatch was Rolex’s best selling model. At the time of production, the model was officially named the "Oyster Perpetual". The nickname "Bubble Back" is derived from the incredibly famous convex shape of the caseback used to house the new, deeper, automatic winding system with rotor.


In June of 2020 at the Phillips Geneva watch Auction XI has a very well preserved example, with original bracelet, sell for approximately £10,000.


The Reference 3372 was first introduced to the market in 1940. At the time of production, the model’s appearance was very unusual. The watch featured a the now famous 'machine' bezel, showcasing a threaded design. Displaying a very impressive bezel and definition to the case, this "Bubble Back" is preserved in most probably unpolished condition, apart from the case back which has personal engraving.

The dial is also preserved in astounding condition with an even speckled patina, which is particularly astounding considering the age of the timepiece. Many of these Rolex Oysters have had refinished dials.


The serial number on the case is 458763 which dates the watch to 1946. The movement serial number is N38434. The watch is completely original and is a very good example. It does have a personal engraving on the back for C.E.L.S. Dawson.


The watch sports a 17 jewel Automatic Chronometer grade cal. 9 3/4''' movement. The watch is on a non-original strap but does have a Rolex signed Stainless Steel buckle.


Overall this is a beautiful watch for the vintage Rolex collector or fan.

Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial is in excellent original condition with no scratches or marks, along with no wear to the signing or minute track. The dial has an even speckled patina which would be because of the base metal of the dial and the paint. This is completely original and is a very good dial for the age even with this patina.



The hands are all completely original. They are gold toned for the hour and minutes, matching the numerals. The central second hand is thermally blued. These are in perfect original condition, with no scratching, corrosion or bending. Incredibly well preserved.



The crystal is model correct and may even be original. It is in excellent condition with no noticeable marks.



The crown is original and model correct, in excellent condition. It is marked Rolex Oyster with the Swiss plus symbol for patenting. There is very little wear to the writing as well as the coin edge of the crown. The crown engages with the thread very well and screws down tightly as it should. The thread is in excellent condition.



This Stainless Steel case is in very good condition, having not been polished, it maintains its original ageing. There are light surface scratches on the case, but no dents, nicks or deeper scratches. There are some markings, scratched onto the back of the lugs lightly, likely serviced related. These are very light and hard to notice.



The case back is in average condition, having been polished lightly. There are multiple light surface scratches. The back has a personal engraving "C.E.L.S. Dawson". The coin edge is in good condition on the case back.



It is a brand new handmade, Watch Geckota strap, made of Top Grain Leather. The buckle is a 16mm Genuine Rolex buckle made of Stainless Steel, signed Rolex SA.



The movement has been fully serviced and any issues remedied. It is a Royal Oyster Perpetual 9 3/4″’ Hunter, 19 jewel movement, keeping time to within +10 second a day, with an amplitude of 280 degrees and a beat error of 0.9m/s.


Case dimensions

Case width: 32mm

Case width with crown: 35mm

Case length: 32mm

Lug to lug length: 39mm

Case depth: 14mm

Lug width: 17mm

Rare 1946 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometre Ref 3372, 9 3/4″’ Hunter serviced

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