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1960's Louvic De Luxe Mystery dial square/tank watch, serviced! Pesuex 320 


The watch is in stunning condition and has been serviced. It is in its original box too!



Signed Louvic De luxe at 6 o clock along with Swiss made. No wear to the text.

The dial is in lovely condition overall. It is clean and has not discoloured hugely. It has a lovely textured element to it.

The mystery hands are in good condition and the hour marker Rhinestones are clear and in good condition.



The glass is in perfect condition. 




The crown is original and fits flush to the stainless steel case and winds and sets well.



The case is in strong condition with only light surface scratches.


Case back:

Has been polished.



The movement is manual wind and has been serviced. The Peseux 320 movement has extra jeweling and has been lovingly kept. She service notes:

Service notes from watchmaker:

Peseux 320 but with a nice finish and extra jeweling.

Love these old Mystery Dial watches.

This one had been looked after over the years and didn't require a new mainspring.straight forward service.

I would usually adjust the balance so the regulator was in a more central position but this watch was in such good condition, I left it as it was.

Case back is a very very tight one and over time it had been scratched a fair bit so that was polished back to near original.



Case width: 29mm

Case width with crown: 30.5mm

Case length: 29mm

Lug to Lug length: 40mm

Case Depth: 8.5mm

Lug width: 18mm



Louvic De Luxe mystery dial watch circa 1950

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