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For sale we have a late 19th century Scott & Co Geneve 18k gold Lépine fob watch. It is of classy and thin proportions, enabled by the Lépine cylindrical escapement.

It is well proportioned, measuring 44mm x 44mm. The case is of open face configuration, with a double hinged back. It is formed of 18ct gold, apart from the inner case back. The white enamel dial is very crisp and in great condition. It has black roman numerals with inset sub-second dial and railroad minute track.


The push button at the top allows the back to open for winding and setting the time. The inside of the case back is marked 18k. There are makers marks on the inside, which we have not been able to identify.


The movement is a Lépine cylindrical escapement, which is signed Scott & Co Geneve. It is working very well for its age and is keeping time to within -15 seconds a day.


It comes in a very neat and nicely designed J.C. Vickery box and has an easy-to-use custom made winding key.


The escapement was invented in England by Thomas Tompion and others around 1695 but was never widely embraced by English watchmakers.


The Swiss perfected the design and produced millions of watches with it, up until the twentieth century. They provided good service, but when imported into England, tended to be at the cheaper end of the spectrum. This has implications to this day with fob watches, particularly those with cylindrical escapements, never having been hugely popular with modern collectors.

Gold cased examples are increasingly rare as they were poorly maintained movements, and with gold prices rising, this makes the watches attractive to scrap. We had the opportunity to pick it up and retail it for a change. It has an underlying gold worth of around £300.


We think this is a classic and charming example from the period, in lovely condition, both cosmetically and functionally. This makes it an appealing piece, especially when combined with its lovely gold case. It is nice to save something like this from the scrap heap. 


Credit to David Boettcher and the below link for helping to inform this listing.

Further reading on the Cylindrical escapement can be found at:


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.

A further condition report is below.



The dial is original and is formed of enamel. It has black signing with black Roman numerals. It is in very good condition with no hairline fractures or chipping.



The hands are original. They are of Spade and whip style with a thermally blued finish. The finish has oxidised which means they don’t shine. The sub-second hand is also original and thermally blued.



The crystal is a replacement, in good condition.



The pusher, stem and loop are good and original. It has little signs of attachment to a chain.



The case is formed of gold, of open face configuration with double hinged back. It is in good condition with little tarnishing and light surface scratching associated with ageing.



The case back is in good condition. It is formed of gold and has a polished finish. It has light surface scratching as expected with wear. The hinge is decent and it closes well.


Inner case:

The inner case would appear to not be gold due to the tarnishing. It is in average condition with light surface scratching, but quite a lot of tarnishing. The hinge is in good condition and closes tightly. It has no dents.



The movement is a classic Lepine style Cylindrical escapement. It is key wind and set.


The movement service history is unknown, but the watch is running well for its age. It keeps time to within -15 seconds a day.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 44mm

Case length: 44mm

Case length with crown: 51.50mm

Case length with loop: 60.5mm

Case Depth: 11.5mm

Late 1800s Scott & Co Geneve 18k gold key wind Lépine fob watch

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