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Art Deco 1935 9ct Rose Gold Rotary tank watch, shockproof recently serviced ETA.


This is a beautiful Rose Gold tank watch, with is all the more wearable with it's shockproof movement. This was uncommon on any dress watch, or watch in 1935.


The watch is marked by Glasgow assay office with the date letter M, putting its age to 1935/36.


This watch is incredibly well preserved all around and has many finer details that make it very desirable and great value for money.


 The rose gold case was relatively uncommon in 1935 and provides a very appealing tone, to offset the silvered dial nicely. The contrast would have been less subtle if a shade of yellow gold was used.


The case is interesting as it is quite angular, not just a plain rectangular case. This would have been more difficult to make, with it's faceted design at the top and bottom of the case, consisting of 3 different faces. This creates a great texture to the case and appealing angles from either side or straight on, as the light catches them.

This is also seen with the angular design of the lugs contrasting with the long straight sides.


The crown is also recessed into the side of the case, disappearing almost and not hanging over the side. This is a real indicator that this was a carefully designed dress watch, aiming to be subtle, yet classy.


The dial is very interesting with a silver box framing the Arabic numerals. This is unnecessary, but shows the time and effort to create a pleasing watch, with carefully considered elements.

The Arabic numerals are in an Art Deco inspired "Egyptian" font, which is rarely executed so well on the dial.


Overall this is an incredibly impressive watch, which is very wearable and sits nicely on a wrist around 7 inches. All I can say, is try to find another vintage 1930s dress watch like this. Utterly classy.


Recently serviced, It is keeping time to within +7 seconds a day. 


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



An incredibly well preserved dial with, with very little marking or scratching. There are no areas of discolouration and little wear of text or finish.



The hands appear original and have little sign of wear or corrosion. The thermally blued finish is beautiful.



The cut glass is original and is in very good condition, with only minor surface marking or nicks.



This is an original crown in good condition, with some loss of rose gold plate. You can tell it is original, by the perfect fit to the recessed design, with it sitting in a made groove in the side of the case. This makes it very subtle.



The 9ct rose gold case is in excellent condition, with no deep scratches or nicks. This is a beautiful case.



9ct rose gold case back in excellent condition, with no deep scratches or nicks. Serial number clear - 550625



A new 18mm Open ended strap for fixed lugs. Held in place with metal tabs, for easy change of strap.



A recently serviced, Rotary 5/300 calibre, which is a modified ETA movement. Keeping time to +7 seconds a day with an amplitude of 316 and a beat error of 3 m/s.


Case dimensions

Case width: 21.5mm

Case width with crown: 21.75mm

Case length: 31mm

Lug to lug: 40mm

Case depth: 9mm

Lug width: 16mm

Art Deco 1935 9ct Rose Gold Rotary tank watch, shockproof recently serviced ETA

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