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The Omega Memomaster, from 1980, with LCD screen, with electronic movement cal 1632.

This is a good example, watch only, with all aspects working and the watch itself all original with just light surface scratching.


Produced from 1978-1981, the Omega Memomaster was a revolutionary piece of technology at the time. Omega were seeking to keeping up with the ever-changing market for watches during the 70s by investing significant amounts of money into designing quality quartz calibres. These also led to them developing their ability to design electric watches and LCD.

Using the research and development and long-lasting expertise in the watch industry they could market such a watch with authority. These watches were not cheap at the time. The watch was sold with the strapline “The LDC wrist instrument: Omega’s unique electronics expertise at your fingertips.

The manual also states of it’s agenda function “It even thinks for you, some might say discovering the Omega Memomaster Quartz’s versatile performances. This was in reference to the variety of features inside, of which the Agenda function was king.

Features: Multi-Memory LCD watch, with hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, plus three memory functions: Timer, 24-Hour alarm and agenda (Programmable date), sound signal and tempered mineral crystal.


How it works:

Digital watches can always be tough to pin down, especially when you don’t have instructions.


The central Omega symbol is the 30 second sound signal alarm.

The top right button sets the times, timer programming, date or second selection and stops the sound signal.


The middle pusher on the right is the time corrector used to set the time.


The bottom right button selects the timer, alarm, or agenda mode.


The bottom left button is the light for seeing in the dark.


The top right button is for programming of the alarm or the agenda, as well as resetting the timer.


The screen displays the hours and minutes. On the right it can display either the seconds or the date. There is a pointer arrow at the bottom of the screen which points to the day of the way.


The condition:

The watch works correctly in every way. The LCD screen displays with no error, the functions all work, the speaker for the alarm works and the light works.



Full condition report below.



International shipping available, but prices may be higher or lower, than £30 dependent on the country of destination and the value of the watch. A new quote will be provided upon purchase/request.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.


Display screen:

The LCD display is in good condition. It is clear and displays as it should with no clouding of figures or missing figures. Everything appears as it should.



The glass is original and is in average condition for the age, having some surface scratches, on to the top and one to the right hand top corner.


Pushers and time set:

The time is set by pressing a button in on the right-hand side, where the crown would be on a watch. It works as it should, skipping with each press to the next section of time to set.


The pushers were original sticking, but after a clean, they are working well. The top right button sometimes needs a firmer press to contact.



The front of the case is Stainless Steel and is in good condition. It has a polished finish on the upper face, which gives way to a brushed finish on the sides of the bezel and then onto the case.  



The case back is Stainless Steel and its in very good condition with only light surface scratches. It has its original grained finish.

The inside is signed Omega Watch Co and numbered 182 0001.



The bracelet is made of Stainless Steel and is original to the watch. It is signed “ST.1306.271 42”. It has a an Omega clasp with the Omega Logo. The bracelet has light surface scratching and maintains it’s original brushed finish. It is a quality bracelet which is easily adjustable and very comfortable and stylish.



The movement is an Omega 1632 which was designed by SSIH Switzerland. It is unadjusted and has no jewels. It has two batteries, both of which have been recently replaced.


All functions work on the watch, including the speaker.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 35mm

Case length: 32.5mm

Case length lug to lug: 38.5mm

Case Depth: 9.5mm

Lug width: 18mm

1980 Omega Memomaster LCD Electronic Digital Alarm watch Ref ST 382.0801 working

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