1950s Herodia Super manual dress watch FHF 28, gold plated case, 3D hour markers.


33mm x 33mm with an 18mm lug width.


The watch is in excellent condition, with a perfect condition case and dial. 
The dial is very beautiful, especially with the raised hour marker insert adding texture and height.
It is keeping time to within -10 seconds per day.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.


The dial is in excellent original condition. There are no marks and their is no wear or discolouration.
The hour markers are an insert on-top of the face (original 50s design). This design allows the lovely 3D, claw look to the imposing
The hands are original and free of bending. The central second hand has some corrosion.
The Acrylic crystal is in average condition, with a slight crack in the glass right at the edge,
from 11-12, only visible from above the 12 o'clock. There are also some stress marks on the glass to the right hand side.
A replacement is recommended. I didn't have a suitable size.
Original crown in excellent condition.
A case that is in excellent condition. No visible wear to the gold plating. In good condition compared to similar
examples from the time.
In average condition but with multiple light surface scratches, some of the writing has been rubbed against
the wrist. The case is of stainless steel composition.
A new 18mm Crocodile Grain strap.


An FEF 28 manual wind movement with 17 jewels. The movement is in good condition, keeping time to within 
-10 seconds a day, with a strong amplitude of 230 degrees and a beat error of 1.9 m/s.



1950s Herodia Super manual dress watch FHF 28, gold plated case, 3D hour markers