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1950s black dial Dreffa Geneve Chronograph Suisse watch, Valjoux 92 movement.


A desirable black dial and rose gold coloured case Chronograph from the 1950s. The case is well proportioned for the 1950s at 34.5mm wide without crown.


The dial is beautiful, with a black gloss finish and gold writing. The dial has excellent balance with sub-dials at 9 and 3, with large Arabic numerals at 12 and 6.


It has a high quality Valjoux 92 movement, which has a rose gold gilt finish. The movement is incredibly clean, with no scratching or corrosion. The watch keeps time to within +5 seconds a day, with an amplitude of 290 degrees and a beat error of 0.1m/s.


The dial is a tachymeter which has a Base 1000 Telemetre signing. This allows the measurement of distance by timing the travel over the distance while the speed is held constant.


The case is rose gold plated and in very good condition with no wear on the case or between the lugs. The crown and pushers have some wear to the plating. The black dial has a gloss finish and is in excellent condition with no wear or spotting. The sub-second dials are sunk with a circular graining.


Overall this is a beautiful chronograph, with a black and gold colour combination, a high grade movement, and is in excellent condition.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial is original and is in excellent condition. There is no wear to the dial, with the gloss finish maintaining an even shine. The text is clear, in a rose gold tone.



The hands are original sword shaped, in good condition with a beautiful gold tone. The chronograph hand is also original with an arrow end. There is some ageing of the lume in-fill on the hands, with some spots of corrosion near the lume in-fill on the gilt finished hands.



A replacement plexiglass crystal in perfect condition.


Crown and pushers:

The crown is gold plated and is in average condition. It is original, but has lost some of its plated finish. The Rectangular shaped pushers are original. These are in good condition. There is some marking to the gold plating on the upper side of the pushers.



In very good condition with no wear to the gold plating. Slight notch on the non crown side for removing the bezel.



An original, gold plated case, in good condition. The case maintains sharp bevelled edges on the lugs.



Stainless steel case back in excellent original condition with original graining. Light surface scratching with no large scratches or dents.



A new Gekota leather watch strap, black colour for 18mm lug width.



A beautifully finished, rose gold colour Vajoux 92 chronograph movement. Keeping time to +5 seconds a day with an amplitude of 290 and a beat error of 0.1 m/s.


Case dimensions

Case width: 34mm

Case width with crown: 36.5mm

Case length: 34.5mm

Case Depth: 10mm

Case length lug to lug: 42.3mm

Lug width: 18mm

1950s black dial Dreffa Geneve Chronograph watch, rose gold plated, Valjoux 92

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