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1940s Helbros WW2 military style watch USA, 82A-28 movement Helvetia, Serviced. This is a US civilian watch retailed by Helbros in 1943 which is the same as the Helvetia watches used by the German military. It has been serviced and is keeping time to with +30 seconds a day.


The watch has not been opened since it's service as it was re-sealed. The watch should however not be treated as waterproof.



The 82A movement was manufactured from the late 1930s by Helvetia and was almost exclusively used in military style watches including those in the German Army. No specification was found but from the timepieces discovered marked DH in this period, they had 6 indentations in the caseback to allow opening with any tools, they had dials that were black with luminous hands and numerals, with a sub second at 6 and shock protected movements.

This began in 1942. This particular watch has a dial similar to the Helvetia Type 2 DH watch produced for the German army. The cases were chrome plated brass. Helbros watches did end up as DH watches, albeit very rare.

The first theory behind this is that Helbros watch company watches were ordered by and delivered to the German army, therefore marked with a DH number, with case movement etc, supplied by Helvetia, as Helbros were a reseller and did not produce their own cases or movements.

This seems VERY unlikely though as they were a US company and these watches were supplied after the US joined the war. This watch dates to approximately February to October of 1943 as it corresponds with the President of Helbros' very vocal campaign for the support of the war against Germany, with several pushes to sell war bonds including the "Time for victory" campaign.

He was also investigated by the FBI as Helbros had been used to funnel $10,000 from the Soviet embassy in Ottawa to finance a Russian spy ring in Switzerland. The combination of a detailed back and movement markings indicate that this watch was for commercial retail, which would be backed up by the box.


The movement has the HXW American import code according to my watchmaker.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial has a deep black gloss finish with beautiful lumed Arabic numerals that are very clear. It is in good overall condition for the age, with clear tracks for the minutes, hours and sub-seconds. There is some lighter patina where the gloss finish has worn and a couple of surface scratches to the finish of the dial.



All hands appear to be original and in-fitting with the Helvetia watches of the period provided for military uses. The main hands have been re-lumed.



The crystal appears to be original and has some very minor surface scratches



The crown appears to be original and is in good condition.



The case is Chrome plated over a brass base and is in excellent condition, with only light surface scratches.



The case back is in very good condition, with no large scratches or dents, only light surface scratches.



A Stanton Stainless Steel Patented strap, English made, which is very similar to a Bonklip.



A recently serviced, Helvetia 82-A movement (informed by watchmaker). Depoiller Bunn Style shock protection. Keeping time to -29 seconds a day with an amplitude of 300 and a beat error of 0.5m/s.


Case dimensions

Case width: 33.5mm

Case width with crown: 35.5mm

Case length: 33.5mm

Case length lug to lug: 38mm

Case Depth: 11mm

Lug width: 18mm

1940s Helbros WW2 military style watch USA, 82A-28 movement Helvetia, Serviced

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