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1930s Private Label Gallet Series 1 Multi-Chron Regulator Chronograph, Venus 140 movement.


This is a private label watch marked "Essef" which is exactly the same as the Gallet MultiChron Regulator 1st Series from 1929-1934, having come directly from Gallet.


This example is in outstanding condition with very little wear overall.


Please read the rest of the listing for the condition report and view all of the detailed images attached. If you have any questions, just drop me a message. Thank you.


The MultiChron Regulator:

This form of chronograph was introduced by Gallet in 1929. It represented a milestone for the professional timekeeping genre in the Art Deco period. It was designed for applications that prioritized the recording of events over displaying the standard time of day. The hour and minute hands occupy a much smaller area of the dial and a much less significant position. The configuration, prioritising a stop watch and 30 minute counter allow for a much clearer view for timing.


Not long after it's introduction, the watch became the time recording instrument of choice for doctors, technicians, pilots and sports professionals. It was also the first official wrist-worn chronograph of the Indianapolis 500 races.


The first series was a monopusher that started, stopped and re-set the timing mechanism. The second series was more traditional, having two pushers so that timing could be started, stopped, reset or started again if desired.


In 1929 Gallet acquired exclusive control of the Venus 140 movement and only supplied Private Label regulator watches to Rolex, Girard-Perregaux, Harvard and Heuer, along with other Swiss makers. This is one such example of a private label model.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial is original and is in excellent condition. Signed "Essef". There are some light spots of speckled patina. The dial maintains an even silvered finish. There is no wear to the dial, apart from a circular mark on the hour and minute sub dial, where the hands will have rubbed in the past.



The hands are original and in very good condition. Rare original hands in a beautiful thermally Blued tone with no corrosion or bending.



A replacement plexiglass crystal in perfect condition.


Crown and pusher:

The crown is Stainless Steel and is original in excellent condition. The Oval shaped pusher is Stainless and is also original in very good condition.



In very good condition. Slight mark on the non crown side where it opens.



An original, unpolished Stainless Steel case in very good condition. The case maintains sharp polished bevelled edges and its original brushed grain finish on the sides. The lugs are very clean.



Stainless steel case back in excellent original condition with original circular graining. Light surface scratching with no large scratches or dents.



A new Stainless Steel watch Gekota Milanese strap.



A rare and early Venus 140 chronograph movement. Keeping time to -90 seconds a day with an amplitude of 300 and a beat error of 4.1 m/s.


Case dimensions

Case width: 34mm

Case width with crown: 36.2mm

Case length: 33.5mm

Case Depth: 11mm

Case length lug to lug: 39mm

Lug width: 18mm

1930s Private Label Gallet Series 1 Multi-Chron Regulator Chronograph, Venus 140

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