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For sale we have a well-preserved example of a 1930s Movado pocket watch. It is the reference 37142, which has a 44mm chrome plate on Nickel case, with a beautiful in-house calibre 620N movement. The silver dial is incredibly clean. It has a considered minimalist Bauhaus design, with its neat hour markers and sectors. It has a light brushed finish to the centre, which is complimented with the satin shine to the outer hour and minute chapters. The Arabic numerals are clean and clear with an inset sub-second dial. The case is very good considering its chrome plating. It has a lovely Art Deco saucer design.


The start point for this watch has to be the dial. Its clean design is complimented by the considered use of textures and finishes. A seemingly simple central section with clear Arabic numerals and an in-set sub-second dial, flanked by hour and minute rings. However, when you catch the dial in the light you see its true beauty. The central section has a light linear brushing, whilst the hour and minute chapters have a satin shine which shimmers in the light. The in-set sub-second dial also has raised concentric rings which has a sunburst finish. The thermally blued hands are thin and elegant, as not to distract from the dial itself. Considered design, which assures you of the quality of the piece.


The case is Chrome plated Nickel, which has stood up well for the age of the pocket watch. The case is of a saucer design with a flat polished top the bezel, with a bevelled side. This meets the central section of the case which has a sharp edge that extends beyond the front and rear. This is neatly rounded off with the snap on back that follows the same lines. The loop is a non-standard shape, similar to that of a curved rectangle. Inside the case is marked with the Movado symbol, with the reference number 37142 and a serial number.


The movement is a Movado calibre 620N which is a beautiful movement, in terms of its design and finishing. Instantly recognisable to a collector as a Movado calibre due to its bridge shapes, the font of the signing and the signature winding wheels. It has a jewel count of 15 and is marked 4 adjustments. It has perlage finishing beneath the balance, with an ingenious regulation design. It is keeping time to within +100 seconds a day. It would benefit from a service as the history is unknown. Yet it can still be enjoyed without one for now.


We adore this pocket watch due to its condition and its quality. In terms of design cues and the finishing used, combined with the movement quality and aesthetics, this is a lovely horological creation.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.

A further condition report is below.



The dial is original and is in good condition. The silver satin finish is good and even. It has a brushed finish to the centre which is good. The signing is all good and clear. There are some light spots of ageing.



The hands are original. They are thermally blued and have some slight corrosion.



The glass is original with bevelled edge and is in good condition.



The crown, stem and loop are good and original, functioning as they should. It shows little evidence of having been on a chain, with no wear.



The case is chrome plated and is in good condition for the age. It has some slight wear to the plate around the bezel. The sides are good, with light surface scratching.  



The case back is chrome plated and is in good condition for the age, with little sign of wear to the plating. It has light surface scratching associated with age. There is one spot of corrosion.



The movement is a Movado cal 620N. It is a 15 jewel manual wind movement, which is marked as adjusted to 4 positions. It is a pleasing movement with a good standard of finishing and unusual regulation adjustment.


The service history is unknown, but the movement is keeping decent time. It keeps time to within +100 seconds a day, with an amplitude of 220 and a beat error of 8.3m/s. A service is recommended, but it can still be enjoyed without one immediately.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 44mm

Case length: 44mm

Case length with crown: 49mm

Case length with crown loop: 54.5mm

Case Depth: 8.5mm

1930s Movado Art Deco chrome 44mm pocket watch ref 37142 cal 620N

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