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This incredibly thin pocket watch dates to 1924 and was imported into London to be sold by Carley & Clemence Ltd London. The HF mark on the case relates to Huguenin Freres of Le Locle, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. A beautiful case with high quality engraving. 

In 1868, the young engraver Fritz Huguenin and his brother Albert set up a small watch-case design workshop. It wasn’t long before they realised the value that embossing could add to their work. They therefore bought a spindle press, which they used to emboss their first medal in 1888. Over time, the Huguenin brothers specialised in the Niel (Niello) method, which is used to give silver watches a black finish. This method made them famous worldwide and as a result of their new-found success, they switched from manual production to industrial production in 1899, building the factory in Le Locle that is still used today.

The dial is in strong, original condition. The 12 numeral is slightly aged, along side a mark on the dial by 8 o clock.
The hands are un-bent and un-corroded. They are thermally blued and original Breguet design hands.
The glass is original and in strong condition with no noticeable scratches.
The crown is original. It fits flush to the case and winds and sets well.
The case is in strong condition with only light surface scratches that are consistent with age. A very nice original case that hasn't been polished. The engraved case is lovely.
Case back:
Strong original condition with only slight surface scratches.
The movement is a manual wind Swiss made movement. The pocket watch keeps time to within 1 minute a day.
Watch dimensions:

Case width: 44.4mm

Case Lehgth with crown: 51.4mm

Case length: 44.4mm

Case Depth: 8.88mm

1924 Silver pocket watch, very thin, Carley & Clemence Ltd case Huguenin Freres

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