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1918 Gold Plated Zenith pocket watch, 23S, 17 jewels Adjusted, Cal 19''' N.V.S.I.

Keeping time to -28 seconds a day.


This is a beautiful pocket watch by Zenith with a lovely, double sunk enamel dial in perfect condition. The gold plated case is in very good condition with no wear of the plating. The movement is exceptional with gold chatons on the jewels, as well as Geneve stripe finishing. This variant of finish is much nicer than the standard gilt finish found on the same Zenith movements of the era.

The pocket watch is all original, apart from the replacement crystal. Overall it is in excellent condition and will make an ideal addition to a collection. 


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial is enamel and is in excellent condition with no marks, fractures, hairline fractures or nicks. There is very minor speckled wear on some of the numerals but this is only noticeable under a loupe.



The hands are original and are in excellent condition. They are thermally blued.



The crystal is a replacement and is in good condition, with some light surface scratches.



Original crown, in excellent condition.



In good condition but with very light surface scratches.



The case back is gold plated and is in excellent condition, with only light surface scratches, with no wear to the gold plating. The inside has a circular mark inside which is visible in photos.



Zenith 17 jewels Adjusted, Cal 19''' N.V.S.I. A beautiful, high grade movement for the era. Keeping time to within -28 seconds a day, with an amplitude of 345 degrees and a beat error of 0.2 m/s.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 49mm

Case Length: 49mm

Case with crown: 59.5mm

Case depth: 13.5mm

1918 Gold Plated Zenith pocket watch, 23S, 17 jewels Adjusted, Cal 19''' N.V.S.I

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