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For sale we have a sensational 1907 18ct Gold Asprey Slim pocket watch, with a rare calendar complication to the rear, Brevet 24914.


Asprey London, are one of the top UK designers, manufacturers and retailers of luxury goods. With its flagship store located in Mayfaird, Asprey attracts royalty and celebrity clients. It was awarded its first royal warrant in 1862 by queen Victoria, with its second coming from King Edward VII in 1889.


This pocket watch is of a stylish and slim dress design, with roman numeral hour markers. Add to this the uncommon calendar function, this is a very high end and desirable example.


The dial is a silver tone, with clear black railroad minute marker track to the exterior, and Roman numeral hour markers. It is signed Asprey below 12, with an inset sub-second dial at 6 O’clock. The spade and whip style thermally blued hands are original, with the original sib-second hand.


The case is formed of 18ct yellow gold and measures 51.25mm x 51.25mm. It is rather slim considering the inclusion of the calendar, with a depth of 12.7mm. It is of open face design, with a double hinged case back. The loop and pendant are well formed with the loop being particularly thick. The case is luxurious with the inclusion of a thick rim around the crystal, balanced to the rear with another rim. The case falls away from the faces of the front and rear to create depth and to catch the light.


The inside of the case back has the serial number 55896. Once opened, it reveals the calendar complication integrated within the inner case back. It has a hand which indicates the date, with a day and month wheel.


The inside of the case back provides an interesting glimpse of the inner workings of the calendar complication. It is also signed with Biritsh hallmarking for 18ct gold from London assay office, with the date letter ‘m’from 1907/08. It has the sponsors mark AB, for Arthur Baume. It also has the signing ‘Brevet 24914’.

This refers to Henri Jacot-Burmann’s patented calendar design. It displays the date, day of the week and the month. The day and month are adjusted manually via cogs, whilst the date function is directly driven by the movement. Once the hands pass 24 hours, the date hand will snap to the next number.


The movement is a good quality swiss lever example, with thin construction. It has a cut compensated balance. It is unique, with the modification for the calendar function. The movement has recently been serviced and is keeping accurate time.


A beautiful piece of design, with a rarely seen calendar complication, retailed by one of the UKs premier luxury good company’s.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.

A further condition report is below.



The dial is original and is a silver tone. It has black roman numerals, railroad track and Asprey signing in good condition. There are some spots of wear to the finish and some light scratches.



The hands are original. They are of Spade and whip style with a thermally blued finish. The finish has oxidised slightly. The sub-second hand is also original and thermally blued.



The glass is original. It has a slight chip to the edge around 12 O’clock.



The crown, stem and loop are good and original.



The case is formed of 18ct gold, of open face configuration with double hinged back. It is in decent condition. It has some slight dimpled dents to the sides and has light surface scratching associated with ageing.



The case back is in good condition. It is formed of 18ct gold and has a polished finish. It has light surface scratching as expected with wear. The hinge is good and it closes well.


Inner case:

The inner case is formed of 18ct gold and is in average condition with some slight dimpled dents and light surface scratching. The hinge is in good condition and closes tightly. Built into the inner case back is a calendar complication.



The movement is a good quality swiss lever example, with thin construction. It has a cut compensated balance. It is unique, with the modification for the calendar function.


The movement has recently been serviced. It keeps time to within +30 seconds a day, with an amplitude of 320 and a beat error of 1.3m/s.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 51.25mm

Case length: 51.25mm

Case length with crown: 62mm

Case length with loop: 70.25mm

Case Depth: 12.70mm

1907 18ct Asprey slim pocket watch rare calendar complication Brevet 24914

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