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For sale we have an impressive ‘Automobile Regulateur’ Goliath pocket watch. It is a Swiss made, Swiss lever pocket watch, which was designed for sale within the French market.

The case is French made and is marked Argentan, with Beaucourt signing. Argentan is similar to German silver, which is an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc. The case is marked Frainier, being manufactured by Pierre and Etienne Frainier of Morteau, France. Frainier specialised in complex case back design, such as the Steeplechase scene on this example.


It is a true Goliath, measuring 70mm x 70mm. The Argentan case is very good for the age, with detailed engraving and no denting. It is rare to see such a good case in an antique pocket watch. The bezel is adorned with foliage engraving, whilst the rear blends this into a steeplechase design of three leaping horses in a meadow.


The dial is porcelain and is perfect. It features an image of a very early type of French automobile which is well executed and detailed. The gold applied dots for the minute markers are lovely additions.  The filigree style hands are beautiful and well designed, in a standout rose gold tone.


It is a fun and for the time, ostentatious design, filled with engraving and the modern automobile. This would originally have been owned by a trendy and larger than life character. An interesting antique French market, goliath pocket watch.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.

A further condition report is below.



The dial is original and is in very good condition, with no chips, cracks or hairline fractures. The signing is good, with some very minor marking to the roman numerals. The dial has the original applied gold dots for minutes. The signing to the centre is very good.



The hands are original. They are a rose gold tone which is good and even. They are free of bending.



The crystal is original and is in good condition.



The crown, stem and loop are good and original, functioning as they should.



The case is ‘Argentan’ which is a form of white metal, designed to replicate silver. It is in good condition for the age with no dents. It has light surface scratching associated with age. The engraving is good and original. There is no wear to the finishing.



The case back is in good condition. It has light surface scratching, but no visible wear to the finish. It seals tightly and the hinge is good.


Inner casing:

The inner case is in good condition with only light surface scratching from opening. The hinge is in good condition and closes tightly. It has no dents.



The movement is a Swiss lever escapement with ¾ plate design.


The service history is unknown, but the movement is working well. It keeps time to within -100 seconds a day, with an amplitude of 290 and a beat error of 2.0m/s.


Case dimensions:

Case width: 70mm

Case length: 70mm


1900 Automobile Regulateur French market Goliath Pocket watch Argentan Beaucourt

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