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Gold Filled Illinois Pocket Watch, Masonic interest dial, size: 12s Grade 415.



World wide shipping is possible.


This is a high quality collectors item, with passionate people across the world desiring Illinois pieces for their Art Deco design and quality. This example is in exceptional condition.


The Watch has a private label movement, along side it's special Masonic interest dial. Case back personally engraved to Eddie. 


Case is made by Philadelphia watch case co. and it states it was guaranteed to 20 years wear.


Case numbering below dial: 9232405


The movement is beautifully engraved, as with many of the American pocket watch movements created in the Art Deco Era. Illinois were renowned for their quality and craftsmanship over other American brands. The movement is 17 jewels and it is also adjusted. The movement has the writing: Forum Illinois Watch Co. Springfield. The movement serial number is: 4546763. The details of this specific movement are below. 


There were only 7080 of these movements produced.The movement is adjusted to temperature.  


NO deep scratches and very little light scratching. No dents on main case. One almost invisible dimple dent in case back measuring 4.5mm x 2.3mm, only visible in certain light. 


The crown is a little harder than it should be to pull out and it sometimes slips when winding, but this has not been a huge issue for myself.


Time keeping:


The movement keeps time to within +120 seconds a day. The service history is unknown so a service is recommended, despite it consistently keeping good time under my ownership.




Case Width: 44mm

Case Height: 44mm

Height including Crown: 51.5mm

Depth: 12.5mm

Dial: 38mm x 38mm





Grade: 415

Manufacturer: Illinois  
Manufacturer Location: Springfield, Illinois  
Movement Serial Number: 4546763  
Grade: 415  
Model: 3  
Estimated Production Year: 1925  
Run Quantity: 2,000  
Total Production: 7,080  
Size: 12s  
Jewels: 17j  
Movement Configuration: Openface  
Movement Finish: Nickel  
Movement Setting: Pendant  
Plate: Bridge Plate  
Bridge Type: Center  
Barrel: Going  
Adjusted: Yes  
Adjusted to Temperature: Yes  
Railroad Grade: No  
Dial Feet Locations: 20.5, 39.0, 55.0  
Case Screw Locations: 2.5, 35.5  

Gold Illinois Pocket Watch, Masonic dial, size: 12s Grade 415, Double Roller