1970s Lanco Diametronic Electronic watch day/date, Stainless Steel, ETA-ESA 9158, TV DIAL.

Modele Depose - 99510 


An unusual retro Swiss watch from Lanco who were part of the Tissot group before being taken over by Omega in the late sixties then ceasing production in the early seventies. It features a rare and early electronic ESA 9158 Cal movement. Not to be confused with a quartz watch because there is no quartz crystal inhere. It uses an electro magnet to swing the balance wheel and from there on is just like a mechanical watch but with just a different power source. The dial is stunning in electric blue, It is covered with an acrylic crystal. The watch case is all stainless case with a brushed finish. It's keeping excellent time as these electronics did, not as good as modern quartz but not far off.


ESA perfected these in the late 60's and made the series until about 1980. It was the Swiss answer to the Hamilton 500 series of electric movements and was so good even Hamilton switched to encasing them. If I remember correctly they even made a quartz controlled one as the final in the series. But then the quartz<>stepper motor movements came to dominate analog dial watches.


Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.



The dial is in average, original condition, due to some loss of blue colouration in the centre of the dial, in small dots - clear in images, but doesn't detract from the watch overall.



Good condition, with original Tritium lume.



The glass is original, it is in average condition with some deeper than surface dings.



The crown is in great condition.



The case is in excellent condition with only light surface scratches.


Case back:

Strong condition with multiple light surface scratches from poor attempts to open.



19mm Stainless steel unbranded bracelet.



Keeping time to within -1 seconds a day (It gained 40 seconds over approximately 40 days).

A new battery has been fitted and the contacts cleaned.



Case dimensions:

Case width: 39mm

Case width with crown: 41.2mm

Case length: 43.3mm

Lug to Lug length: 43.3mm

Case Depth: 11.7mm

Lug width: 19mm

1970s Lanco Diametronic Electronic watch day/date, Stainless Steel, ETA-ESA 9158