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I'm proud to offer this Rolex Oyster 2880 that has undergone restoration. This is an incredibly crisp watch that looks as good as new on the wrist. This watch comes with a 1 year Rest Assured warranty and is freshly serviced.


The Ivory coloured dial is incredibly crisp as it has been restored and looks sensational with a shade of lume that is sympathtic to the watches age. The lume on the sword hands and arabic numerals matches the dark orange/light brown colouration that develops over time. The dial is signed with the signiture Rolex crown at 12, along with "Rolex" and "Oyster". The sword hands are original and thermally blued with some signs of tarnishing which is consistent with ageing. 


The crystal is in excellent condition with no scratching. It is thick and beautifully domed. 


The stainless steel case has a smooth bezel with a very lightly brushed finish to the top of the case.The sides of the case are polished in their finish.

 The crown is original as you can tell by the Oyster Patent signiture on it. This is a famous crown that enabled Rolex to have a waterproof case and therefore they were always signed with the patent. 


An issue that commonly occurs on Rolex Oyster and Tudor Oyster models (both having the same crown and stem design), is that the thread can wear on the crown with repeated screwing and un-screwing to wind the watch and set the hands. This means that it no longer engages properly and may not screw down fully or at all, thus rending the waterproof case, useless. 


The crown on this watch is perfect and the thread enageges well, despite some stripping, visible in open crown photos, so nothing to worry about here!


The classic coin edged semi-bubble back case associated with the Oyster model is in great condition with only minor surface scratches. The serial number is marked, along with the case reference 2280. 


The inside of the case back is marked with the various patent markings associated with the Oyster case. It reads: Brevette, Suisse, France, Angleterre .U.S.A, Allemagne .ETC.

The case is marked with SAR too.

Accompanying these marks are also the usual service marks you see that indicate each time the watch has been serviced.


The movement is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. The movement is marked on the bridge: Rolex 17 jewels, Swiss made, Fab Suisse.

The ratchet wheel is marked: Patented SuperBalance.

This manual winding movement is functioning excellently, having been serviced.





1940s Rolex Oyster Ref. 2280 17 jewel patented superbalance