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A 1920's Cyma Tavannes full hunter pocket watch, Ref 998, Rare 21 jewels Adjusted, in a Dennison gold filled case.


This is a full hunter pocket watch with double hinged case. The outside of the case is free of denting, however it does have light surface scratching which is fitting with the pocket watches age. 


The crown functions well with no slippage. The enamel face has roman numerals and sub second dial. There is no damage or wear to the face. It is in lovely condition. The hands are original, un-bent and in a lovely thermally blued colour. The crystal has no scratching or damage to it.


The case surrounding the face has partially worn through on the lower half, which now shines through as silver coloured. There is light surface scratching on the inside of this part of the case. The serial number is marked: 911971.


The first hinged back to the case has light surface scratching on the inside. It is marked STAR Dennison watch case co. LTD. It has the reference 911971 again. 


The inside of the second hinged back that reveals the movement is marked: English make, this case is guaranteed to wear 10 years. This is also marked 911971. it is also marked 27A. There are some deeper scratches on the inside as seen in photographs.


Please also note there is some damage where knives have been used over the years to pop the case back open,


Inside is a rare 21 jewel movement by Cyma. It has a Swiss Lever escapement with an Breguet sprung cut compensating balance with double roller. It also has a micro adjusted regulator. The movement is marked Ref: 998. The movement is also marked with PAT.APPL.FOR. This is a rare movement and of high quality. This movement reference is regularly seen in lower jewel counts, non-adjusted and without machining on the movement. Therefore this trumps others due to it's complexity.



Time keeping!!!

The watch is vintage so will not keep time in the same way that a modern watch or a quartz watch will. 

However it's time keeping is very acceptable for a vintage hand winding pocket watch. 

It currently runs approximately +90 seconds fast a day.


The pocket watches Dimensions:

Width: 51mm

Case length with crown: 65mm

Case Length: 51mm

Dial diameter: 42mm x 42mm

Depth: 14 mm

1920's Cyma Tavannes pocket watch, Ref 998, Rare 21 jewels Adjusted, Dennison