Antique Sterling Silver pocket watch, London assay marks for 1885.

Ollivant & Botsford, Manchester retailed chronograph pocket watch.
Very rare and high quality AH Arnold & FH Huguenin movement 30 minute recording chronograph. The movement was patented on May 3rd 1883.
The outer case has a military cross flags engraving.


This pocket watch is a nice example of a chronograph with 30 minute counter and stop watch function. The sub second dial at 6 run's constantly and independently of this function. 

The enamel dial is in excellent condition, with only one small hairline fracture stemming from the centre near the canon pinion.
Overall it is is sound condition for it's age with a nice solid silver case and roman numerals on the dial. The movement is of a high grade.
Please see the images as these compliment and aid the description provided below.


The dial is enamel. It has a minutes track round the outside with markers for up to 300 around the outside for the chronograph hand. The hours are marked by Roman numerals. The sub second dial at 6 counts the constant seconds, this is graduated to 60 seconds. Overall a very nicely laid out and balanced dial.
The dial has one hairline fracture and no chips. The hairline fracture stems from the centre near the canon pinion.
The hands are original and thermally blued. These are in excellent condition.
The crystal is a replacement and is in overall good condition.
There are light surface scratches.


Original crown and loop, both in good condition.
The chronograph can be tough to start requiring a firm click. The stop and re-set is much easier.
A case that is in overall good condition. It is free of deep scratches, having only light surface scratches. It has not suffered much tarnishing. There is one small dent on the left hand side between 10 and 11 o'clock.


Slightly loose outer case, not an incredibly tight seal on the sides.
Some signs of damage on the inside where dents may have been worked out.

Inner case back is tighter and sealed more firmly.


Time keeping:

-60 second loss a day. Amplitude of 250 degrees. Beat error of 1m/s.


Measures 51mm x 51mm





1885 Ollivant & Botsford Chronograph pocket watch, Arnold & Huguenin movement