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New measures - COVID 19 - A message from Bill

Dear watch friends,

The situation the world is facing is a truly unprecedented one. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our livelihood and our communities. The health of our loved ones must be the top priority as the situation escalates.

I understand that continuing to trade items that are relatively expensive and un-necessary at this time could be seen as bad taste whilst so many people may be struggling financially. However there is no expectation that anyone should buy a watch at this time. I would like to function at this point, more to delight the community with watch posts on social media and maintain some semblance of normality. I will be updating the website to make more use of a community feature for people to post on, if they have signed up to the club.

If you do decide you would like to purchase from Bold Timepieces, I have a duty to keep anyone who is thinking of buying from the business safe. I am taking every measure to ensure the business can still operate, whilst employing extra measures to protect buyers.

These include:

-Updating the website and social media with any developments with my own health. I am currently self isolating due to my asthma so I hope to avoid any issues.

-When any new watches are received they are left in situ for a minimum of 72 hours before they are handled, to ensure I do not contaminate myself or my office.

-Hand washing takes place after I deal with any watch, regardless of whether it has left the office or not.

Other notes:

Postage times will be longer during this crisis. Please rest assured I will update you with an estimated dispatch and delivery time if you purchase a watch.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Best wishes,

Bill David Middleton Penaluna

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